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What to do when your fridge & Freezer breaks?

If you've ever had the pleasure of smelling a rotten broken down refrigerator and freezer then you would be more than familiar with the putrid odor that it causes if left untreated.

One of the most common calls we get from our clients is when they have returned from vacation or holiday only to be hit in the face with a rancid and rotten smelling home.

Meat and other products that have been sitting at room temperature (or hotter !) can begin to spoil very quickly and eventually liquify into a cesspool of bacteria, maggots and bio-waste. Eventually, like any liquid, it will leak out of all openings and begin damaging the outer surfaces of the fridge surroundings.

Depending on the amount of contamination that has leaked out and how long it has saturated along the floor line, there are many times when the only way to remediate and abate the odor is to remove the contaminated flooring (AKA the source of the odor) and complete a thorough disinfection.

In addition to the odor and liquid damage that can be caused, in most cases, a insecticide treatment will have to be conducted as maggots will eventually turn into large flies feasting on the remains of the rotten food. These flies then spread the bacteria and contamination throughout the home as they roam around and land in all areas of your home.

If you ever encounter this unfortunate situation, please call our team at NOLA Disinfect. We have the specialized equipment, experience and knowledge to clean out, haul away, remediate and odor abate your broken down refrigerator or freezer . As they say: "It's not a pretty job but someones got to do it" and why not hire the professionals? Let us bring your home back to an enjoyable environment, free of contamination from rotten food, flies and bacterial growth.

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