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Household cleaning and disinfecting products: Are you enabling the creation of “Superbugs"?!

Did you know that the over use of traditional consumer cleaning and disinfecting products are actually working against us? Bugs, or viral, bacterial and fungal cells have the ability to evolve over time and develop an immunity to regular household cleaning products. Thus, allows them to mutate and become harder to kill. An “antibiotic resistance” as we know it.

These bugs that are constantly exposed to the common killing agents of alcohol or chlorine in most of our cleaning and sanitizing products such as hand sanitizers or household disinfectant sprays are actually developing a resistance. Due to this, producers are forced to slowly add a higher kill concentrate to their disinfecting and sanitizing products to be able to effectively “kill” these viruses, bacteria and germs. However, as you can imagine, adding more and more harsh toxic chemicals can be harmful to us, the environment and at some point will be ineffective due to the antibiotic resistance.

Our Disinfectant Shield actually has the patented technology that eliminates the ability for bugs to develop immunity and mutate to form “Super Bugs” through its “Triple Kill Process” : Stab, Shock & Poison. In this process, our disinfectant shield creates a micro force field that constructs nano-spikes to mechanically puncture, a process called lysis, to kill any germs and viruses that it comes in contact with. Additionally, the disinfectant has an added positive charge to the micron solution which creates a magnetic attraction that draws in household everyday germs thus killing even the wandering germs. And, if that wasn’t enough, our disinfectant also creates a side by side wall of protection like little army men lined up ready to destroy all enemy germs that come into contact with it. All of these processes within our disinfectant eradicates the ability for these germs to develop immunity and thus stops the creation of superbugs.

Here at NOLA Disinfect, we truly believe that it is important to inform the public on how we can “open safely and open smartly”. The more information we can share with our New Orleans and area community, the better resources we have to keep our community safer and healthier. Having a strong infection prevention plan in place, with the proper disinfection tools such as routine disinfecting treatments, can and will help stop the formation and spread of superbugs.



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