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Disinfecting your home or business: Our process & application method - NOLA Disinfect's Disinfecting

Disinfection treatments:

Our 2-step process

First, our certified technicians will manually wipe down all high touch surfaces (Door handles, chairs, table/counter tops, light switches, etc.) with our botanically derived disinfectant, Bioesque (non-toxic, EPA approved) using all proper saturations and dwell times to ensure hard surfaces are clean and free of everyday debris.

Secondly, our certified technicians will come in with our electrostatic backpack sprayers and apply our 28-day disinfectant shield.

How does our Electrostatic spraying disinfecting services work?

· Now, not to nerd you out but imagine grade 6 science and what we remember of magnetic charges, positive and negative for the next part:

· The electrostatic sprayer is the most efficient and effective way to apply anti-microbial solution as it has a built-in charge that creates a magnetic effect on the solution to attract its self and “stick” to all hard surfaces that are of neutral and or negative charge.

· This allows the disinfectant to have a 360-degree effect when sprayed that wraps around oddly shaped objects like door handles, chairs, table legs, etc. that regular spray bottles cannot replicate. The charge also allows for even coating of the solution without over saturating areas.

Our Disinfection Products

· All of our disinfectant are proudly EPA approved, non-toxic, child and pet friendly. We use a botanically derived disinfectant for the manual spray down that ensures all surfaces are properly prepped for our 2nd step application of our 28-day shield. (*As per CDC's guidelines on proper disinfection: All hard surfaces must be free of debris and clean prior to disinfecting for any effectiveness)

· This electrostatically charged disinfectant is also formulated with silicon dioxide (Si02), that creates the micro "Shield".

· This Shield is best described as a micro-force field of spikes that coat all hard surfaces & objects applied to. As such, the solution mechanically kills and not poisons, bacteria, airborne pathogens and mold spores that lands on these micro spikes.

· Through extensive studies and tests, it has been shown to have the longest efficacy of 28 days. Hence, why we offer monthly services to top up this disinfection treatment.

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